The Palette Party

The Palette Party

About a month ago I was in Crown Heights for Shavous, and of course I couldn’t miss an opportunity to do something that I had been wanting to do ever since it first popped up on my Instagram: Getting my palette painted by the one and only Leah Ali of LoveLae Styles!

Now, full disclosure, I am biased. Completely. I consider Leah a wonderful friend, and the fact that she made this happen was just the cherry on top of a great trip to New York.

Let me briefly explain what palette painting is before we get into all the good stuff; Every person has a color palette, a set of colors that enhance and bring out their beauty. They often fall into seasonal categories of winter, spring, summer, and autumn. Each season has distinct personality traits and features. Leah has the training and innate skill to be able to sit down with someone, and analyze the colors within their skin and eyes to lead her to knowing their season and complementary colors accordingly.

I had no idea what palette painting was before she started doing it. Which, as a self appointed fashion blogger (among other things) is slightly embarrassing to admit. I wanted to have this experience and see what the buzz was all about.

Walking down the street to meet up with Leah, wearing a simple grey dress with my hair pulled back and not a drop of makeup was very anxiety provoking. I had seen enough of her stories and photos to know that wearing makeup was a no no, in order for her to really see your… true colors. Yes, very cheesy I know. The idea of not wearing makeup wasn’t my fave, but I was all in and ready for this.

There is a level of vulnerability when you allow someone to stare at you and into your eyes and analyze you. I had this fear of feeling bare and exposed. I was hesitant about the idea of someone looking at my bright red cheeks and judging me. That was not the case, none of it was the case. Leah isn’t just someone– she made me laugh and feel comfortable and it was merely just hanging out with a friend. Verses the feeling of being scrutinized by someone random. Not only that, but I enjoyed myself and walked out of there feeling happy and uplifted.

Palette painting is an art, and sitting there watching Leah in her element as she painted swatch after swatch was like watching Picasso or Monet paint. It’s mesmerizing and fascinating to watch someone in their zone, and seeing someone pull things from you that you never knew existed is pretty wild.

I was shocked to find out I was a spring. I had a friend ask me what I thought I was, she had gotten her palette painted a couple days before so she knew the process, and I said autumn. It seemed like the natural choice. I was born in the fall, it’s my favorite season, I love everything about it. But, nope! I am a spring through and through. My pink cheeks and bubbly personality made sure that I fit into that category flawlessly, and even noticing the colors and styles I’m naturally drawn towards, it all makes so much sense now.

I didn’t go to Leah because I felt my style lacked. I didn’t go to Leah to try and figure out what I needed to wear so my shidduchim (dating) odds would be better. I went to Leah because she has this ability to find the beauty within, and I needed some quality content for my blog. Nobody truly needs a reason to get their palette painted, per say. If anything, the requirement to get dressed in the morning is reason enough. If you’re going to buy and wear clothes every day, they might as well be things that you feel good and look good in.

That all being said, I am forever grateful for that morning I spent with the wonderful LoveLae Styles and for her ability to see beauty within me and to hand me the tools to illuminate it.

For anyone who is in New York— You need to book yourself an appointment with her. She offers different services and you’re guaranteed to make yourself a new friend, because she’s all around amazing.

For anyone on Insta– Follow her! @lovelaestyles You’ll see some of her palette work, and get some fashion inspo by just watching her stories.

It was an honor to collab with Leah, and I truly hope that you all get the chance to the feeling of true beauty and self love.



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