Meet Cate

Meet Cate

Let us kick off the first installment of “Meet the Bloggers” by introducing you all to someone who has inspired me for quite some time.

She is everything that Frum and Fashionable embodies, and I look to her for inspiration constantly. If you don’t already follow her on Instagram, you really should be. From her words of strength and being a total boss babe who rocks the RN scrubs, she also flaunts high level tichels that could enchant most anyone into trying out the art of hair covering via scarves.

Some may know her as @Soulisha, but let us welcome…

Cate Widroff!

Cate and I chatted back and forth, and I sent her in some questions, but first a little bit about her in her own words:

I’m Cate! Just a bas melech living my best life with my bashert! 

I personally think she’s entirely too humble on this account, I mean come on; shes and aspiring nurse, manages an amazing Instagram account that showcases her talent in the art of tichels, and she has faith like nobody I’ve met before.

Below is the interview she and I had, it was so fun for me to get to know her better and on a deeper level.

1.) What was a large catalyst in your decision to become a BT (Baal Teshuvah)?

A large catalyst in my decision to become a BT was actually my mom dragging me to parsha classes (Torah classes)! She had been going to the local Chabad and it was soooo enlightening for her that she literally started dragging me with her every week! I sat in on that first parsha class with my arms crossed and eyes rolled all skeptical and what not and every single thing the Rebbetzin said correlated with my life and I was in shock! I couldn’t believe my mom didn’t tell this random woman everything that was happening in my life. So I spoke to the Rebbetzin afterward and told her I just HAD to start learning! Hashgacha pratis (Divine circumstance) ! 

2.) What connects you most to your Yiddishkeit (Judaism) and Hashem?

What connects me to Hashem and yiddishkeit is being tznius (modest), covering my hair, obvs; trying to learn something [Torah related] everyday, and talking to Hashem as if He’s a physical guest in my home. Traditional davening (prayer) from a Siddur doesn’t always work for me so I speak from the heart as if He’s sitting on the couch shmoozing with me!

3.) Why tichels (and such amazing ornate ones at that) verses another type of hair covering?

So I am totally all for any kind of hair covering! Occasionally I wear a wig! I do really prefer wrapping with scarves though because I love all of the possibilities of color/prints and styles with each outfit. I genuinely love to be able to be creative, especially when it comes to hair covering it just makes it so much easier to carry out the mitzvah. To me, being able create it (and be super proud of what I created except when the tichel tantrums are real) with my own hands totally strengthens my bond with Hashem. 

4.) Who/What inspires your look?

I’ve always been inspired by old Hollywood icons!

5.) What would you tell your younger self?

Oh goodness I wish I could tell my younger self to remember that everything is for the best! EVERYTHING Hashem does has a purpose and although you may not ever find out the reason, it’s always in your favor! Even if you don’t get what you want or what you prayed for doesn’t mean it’s not for you! 

6.) What does being frum and fashionable mean to you?

Okay so maybe we have more restrictions than most people when it comes to getting dressed but that doesn’t mean we can’t slay! I always said that when I became religious I didn’t want to lose myself in the tznius transformation. I wanted to keep my particular style but just do it modestly. If you’re apart of the modest community, you’ll know there are sooooo many women killing it in the frum and fashionable department! Keep being your funky self and don’t give a shnitzel what anyone thinks! 

You heard it here, folks. You can wake, pray, and slay every single day regardless of what guidelines you follow, because they’re there to help and never to hurt (even if they can be a struggle at times). Cate is the perfect example of that, and I am so happy to be able to share a bit of her with you all.



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