Welcome Home

From the streets of New York, to the streets of small town America, this blog has a bit of something for everyone.

This blog was stared in the hopes of bridging the gap between the religious and secular, and the modest and modern. There is nothing that I love more than sharing the world I live in and speaking the truth.

From this blogs conception I’d always aimed to have it thrive and be more, and with help from friends and family, and the grace of G-d, it is on it’s way to being  a movement.

Being Frum and Fashionable isn’t just about taking a look externally and making ourselves feel beautiful, it’s about taking a look internally and making ourselves feel regal, like children of the King. We are perfectly imperfect, and this blog sets out to embrace every detail of that.

Much like each of us, this blog is a work in progress and constantly evolving, and I encourage you to reach out to tell me what you would like to see. This is for you, as well as giving me an outlet to place my creativity.

This place is home to growth, beauty, and all who enter.

Welcome home,

Xoxo F+F



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