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My letter to Me

Dear Alex,  Yeah, you actually like that name now. Crazy right? Spent the past 12 school years running from it, but you finally grew to like it. Now hold on for this one… you also go by Dafna now! I…


Standing My Ground

Welcome to this week’s blog post where I will be speaking more frankly than I have in some previous entries. I really wish I didn’t have to write this piece, but it honestly feels important that I take a moment…


Just a little Check-in

Hello dearest friends, family, friends who are family, and to all who have come to read this new blog post! It’s great to see y’all! I was looking back, and it seems I haven’t posted anything on here since March…



What’s up everyone! It’s been a moment, hasn’t it? New year, new president, new vaccines, new bingeable shows, new orders being delivered to our houses. Time didn’t stand still, but neither did we. I’m not here to talk about any…


The one where I turn 25

I feel like there’s something obligatory when you run a blog, that you have to at least post on your birthday. Even though it’s been months at this point, I couldn’t let this momentous occasion pass without acknowledging it. As…


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