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Doing it My way

Life is interesting. The way we plan things, and the way things turn out are never quite the same. It goes along with the age old saying that also happens to be the motto of my life: “Der mentsh tracht…


Frum. Single. Surviving.

Last week on my Instastories I asked about the different topics people would be interested in hearing. One of the topics brought up was that of being single in the frum (Orthodox) world. Shout out to my best friend who…


Balancing Ba’al Teshuva

Wait, woah, hold up: We’re returning to the “Frum” portion of Frum and Fashionable! This is very exciting, if I do say so myself. While I try and incorporate Judaism, or Yiddishkeit, into every part of my blog, sometimes it…


The Palette Party

About a month ago I was in Crown Heights for Shavous, and of course I couldn’t miss an opportunity to do something that I had been wanting to do ever since it first popped up on my Instagram: Getting my…


Living in the moment, for the moment

If you followed along on Instagram you saw that I just spent the past nine days in New York, more specifically six days in Crown Heights and three in Manhattan. It was a great trip and it’s taken me a…


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