To the Woman in the Mirror

To the Woman in the Mirror

To the Woman in the Mirror,

Yes woman… no longer a girl, my how you’ve grown up and changed. The dark shadows under your eyes are the tell tale that you’re tired, but they also allow people to look at your eyes and see that there’s still the sparkle of a life that’s being enjoyed as much as it can be.

Don’t think I haven’t noticed the three gray hairs that have popped up in the past few months. I know it’s scary, being 23 and feeling like signs of age are already showing; it’s your wisdom my dear. Your life has not been an easy one and it can take its toll, but the grays show the world that you are tough and that there is a literal silver lining exuding from you.

Your personality radiates from your curls, your pop of violet lipstick, and the dresses you cloth yourself in. The way you walk, the way you talk, and your laughter; you have a chein (favor, grace, beauty) that is as internal as it is external.

The way you wear your heart on your sleeve may be the most beautiful asset you have. You care deeply, you love deeply, and you feel deeply. Never let anyone tell you that your giving of self is a bad thing, but also remember not to spread yourself too thin. You will get hurt, you will cry, your heart will ache, but it will mend and there are those around you who have the ability to help you pick yourself up and get dusted off.

It may not always feel as though you’re seen, this world may seem like a dark and lonely place, your feelings are valid but you must know that you’re never alone. You are surround and embraced, you can look to your right and your left and always know that you can find someone. G-d, darling, G-d is the one that is right there always with you. We never have to wonder if He loves us or is there, because we already know.

Young woman who is a warrior and going to take on everything that comes her way; you are beautiful. I see you every day, and I see you push yourself to do better, to be better. It doesn’t go unnoticed and I am proud of you. You are beautiful, blossoming like a flower in the darkest alley way and shining like a star in the night.

Remember all of this, remember who you are and who made you this way. Like it says in Kohelet:

“He has made everything beautiful in its time; also the [wisdom of] the world He put into their hearts, save that man should not find the deed which God did, from beginning to end. “

I’ll be seeing you in the mirror.



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