Man plans, G-d laughs… hysterically

Man plans, G-d  laughs… hysterically

It’s the age old saying, isn’t it? Man plans, G-d laughs. I guess G-d is laughing all the way to the bank with this one though.

Starting back in January I had decided I wanted so badly to study abroad. From seeing how much others had enjoyed their time abroad, to wanting to see the world, timing seemed right. I spent the following months getting it all in order and finally got everything set to go. The flight was booked, my apartment in Sevilla had a down payment, and I was excited beyond all belief. I made the announcement to social media and was even in touch with others about their trips.

This was my time.

So here we are now, a month and a half(ish) out from what would be my departure, and we’ve had to make one of the toughest calls– the call to withdraw me from going to Spain. It was with a lot of prayers and faith that it wouldn’t come to this, but unfortunately it did.

It was a call that needed to be made; earlier this month I fell ill,  and regrettably it’s opened a slew of doors to other unseen health issues and it would be completely irresponsible to go across the world at this point.

I always say I won’t let my medical struggles hold me back from living life, and up until this point, it really hasn’t. Sometimes we have to think with our head and not our heart, and while my heart wants me to go, my head knows that this isn’t the time.

My time will come, I have no doubt. Spain will always be there, and one day I will enjoy delicious tapas and dance the flamenco, but today is not that day.

While it seems self serving to write such a morose blog post, because c’mon who needs sad news, I shared my triumph of going to Spain and it only seemed appropriate to explain why I won’t be going this fall.

So, while G-d may be laughing this time around, I at least know that His plans for me are bigger than I can comprehend, and with that…. I can rest and heal easy.




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