Chassidim never say Goodbye, so see you soon

Chassidim never say Goodbye, so see you soon

I’ve always hated when surprises were sprung on me, hated when things rapidly changed, and more so hated not knowing. Yet, here I am being the cause of these things now as I slip away in the darkness of dawn.

I can’t apologize to my shtetl for having to leave back to my home, my health required that of me, but I do apologize for not saying see you later. Truly, to the internet,  I owe no explanation, to my friends who I’m leaving, I do.

My heart is filled with many things as I write this; excitement, sorrow, exhaustion, and everything in between. As much as I know I need to go home for my health, there are still things I am going to miss about the schunah. Where else can one get gourmet cholov yisrael cheese? Where else can you go for a burger and (obviously pareve) ice cream with a group of wonderful friends?  How many places can you walk down the street and be hugged by three people within a half a block?  There is no community quite like a Brooklyn Jewish community, but there’s no place like home.

So, here it is… the part of the blog that becomes sappy and highly greatful, for as many hardships as CH and New York gave me, it also gave me blessings.  To the friends I made, I never want to lose you.  You’ve helped me grow, inspired me, and showed me what it means it means to be a friend. Thank you for the beautiful memories. Thank you to the friends who became my family, who made me laugh, cared for me, and made my days much brighter– you are clear blessings to me and formed who I am and who I want to become; it’s an unbreakable bond (or at least I’ll make it that way!) . For the families that have hosted me for Shabbosim and such, taken me into their homes and been so generous and caring, thank you. It takes a special kind of person to selflessly open their home and provide so generously. To my seminary… you have changed me and raised me in Chassidishkeit and Frumkeit,  you’ve given me the ability to pass on the beauty and teachings of our religion so I can help create the next generation of Torah loving (and living) Yidden.  There’s more to thank; my work, the stores, the good, the bad, the ugly, but they all kind of sound the same– thank you for forming me into the person I am today and giving me the opportunity to show myself and others how much I can really do.

I’ll be back,  I’m not going to completely disappear. There are still l’chaims, weddings,  and so much more that I wouldn’t want to miss out on. This is a new chapter in the book book of life. So, as #FromSuburbToSeminary closes, a new chapter begins.

Now, to go prove everyone that you really can go home again (or at least back to your home state).

Ready or not, I’m taking it all by storm.






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