Fitting in no matter what you Fit in.

Fitting in no matter what you Fit in.

Let’s be honest, the standard we’ve been set to as a society for how we look is not fair. I’m not just saying it’s unfair for the girl who can hardly squeeze into an XL at Target, H&M, or Macy’s; I’m saying it’s also unfair for the girl who the XS at the aforementioned places are too big on her. To both, it’s not their fault. The first girl may have trouble taking off weight, and the second may have trouble putting it on. But what do we care?! Both could, and should be, happy for exactly where they are. So, in honor of this, my first real post is focusing on a fashion cause close to my heart– styling the girl who fits beyond the American standard, particularly the more curvaceous woman (sorry XS, I’ll try and get to you too at some point)


This is a beautiful outfit, so well done and it could go from day to night with a swap from flats to heels, a cute clutch, and simple necklace. Where the belt hits at the narrowest part of the waist is highly flattering and the cardigan aids in creating a slimmer shape. This gorgeous model knocked it out of the park with this. (And high notes on all the Torah requirements of modesty being met!)


Oooh la la. Here is an outfit that is meant for something nice, something fun, something to celebrate. If you have nothing to celebrate, then go celebrate this outfit. It is a go to for any girl with a smaller waist and bigger hips. The A line to the skirt allows for that all desirable hourglass look.


Fan fave, Adele, knows how to rock it. Need I say more? #Fierce


The final look we have is a detailed print skirt and a nice comfy sweater top. I adore this look for a multitude of reasons, my main one being that you too can look this cute! Go out, find a printed skirt. Go out, find a sweater. Go out, find a chunky necklace. You have won yourself a stylish outfit, perfect for on the go or in the office.


As much as I would love to go from closet to closet and pick out your OOTD, I can’t. So, for now, take a look at these and remember; your body is beautiful, we may not always feel it, but it is. There is no need to hide behind baggy clothes, show off those curves in a stylish and refined way. Strut down the street knowing that at any size you rock.

S, M, L, XL, XYZABC… They’re all letters and your value is much greater than the value your waistline equals to. You’re a product of G-d and that in itself should remind you to walk with your head held high and pep in your step.

Now go out and show the world how fabulous you are!




*** None of the photos shown are under ownership of Frum and Fashionable they were all collected from Pinterest***


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  1. Tamara
    December 1, 2015 / 4:58 am

    I love this post! I hate the labels of clothes sizes. I shouldn’t use the same words to describe my body as I do to order french fries. I’m not a small, medium, or a large! Words do wonders to our self-image. Eradicate s-m-l!

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