• Last week on my Instastories I asked about the different topics people would be interested …
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  • Wait, woah, hold up: We’re returning to the “Frum” portion of Frum and Fashionable! …
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  • About a month ago I was in Crown Heights for Shavous, and of course I …
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  • If you followed along on Instagram you saw that I just spent the past nine …
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  • Frum. Single. Surviving.
    Balancing Ba’al Teshuva

    Welcome to Frum and Fashionable! ♥

    This tiny yet mighty blog was established back in 2014 with the hopes and dreams of every small blog: to some day make it big.

    This world is a big and terrifying place when we feel alone, but at Frum and Fashionable you’re never alone and you’re always in good company. You can laugh, cry, eat some chocolate, and sip some coffee and stay a while– This place is for YOU!

    The Palette Party
    Living in the moment, for the  moment
    Flawlessly Trying

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